Chickasaw County High Point Trip Report

Date: January 25, 2001
Author: Fred Dale

We started on Highway 15 in Woodland, MS. Initially on Hwy. 340 west a couple of blocks into the tiny "downtown", we found the west-going Main St. a block or so north, and found that it turns into Chickasaw Co. Rd. 70 at the edge of town. Go northwest on this road. On the way you'll pass several landmarks within 570+ ft contour lines: a giant of a television tower on the R at 3.4 mi., a fire tower on the L at 3.6 mi., and several other antennae sites. Look for a T.V. tower (Mississippi ETV) on the L, opposite a dirt lane tracking N, all just past a curve to the west, at about 4.8 mi. from Woodland. The tower is within the larger 580' contour, the high ground on the NE edge of the site.

Back track on the road about 200 yards, near the N-most point in the road's curvature (see the top edge of the topo image reference below). There, on the N side of the road is a small antenna site, at the second, much smaller 580' contour.

These were easy, but due to the poor quality of my topo copies (Terraserver, linked below, provides a much better copy), and an apparent error in my version of Andy Martin's book, I ended up visiting many of the 570+ ft areas. Corrections are reflected here. I found no access problems.

Note: TopoUSA (DeLorme) gives the first point a highest spot rating of 587 ft.

Topo chart
Map-derived coordinates:     first point - 33 deg 48' 08" N, 89 deg 05' 50" W
                                        second point - 33 deg 48' 13" N, 89 deg 05' 39" W