Clarke County High Point Trip Report

Date: August 17, 2000
Author: Fred Dale

This report will give the most reasonable (from the standpoint of simplicity of directions) route, from the west. Note however, globbers, that the Choctaw County, AL high point lies just across the state line to the east, a matter of mere miles away; but the automobile route description between the two points, which I did from E to W, is the road equivalent of bushwhacking, and best left for self-exploration, preferably using county maps rather than DeLorme's or USGS topos.

Travel to the Miss. Hwy. 513 exit (# 134) on I-59, south of Meridian, MS. Go east a few miles, into and through Enterprise, noting the signs to follow Hwy. 513 to the east side of town. At the intersection with Hwy. 514, turn left; start your odometer there. Travel east on Hwy. 514 for 23.9 miles to Clarke Co. Rd. 425. (You'll cross US Hwy. 45 and Miss. Hwy 145 [old Hwy. 45] en route. At about odometer mile 22.8 you'll proceed straight at a crossroads; it seems the State designation of Hwy. 514 becomes Clarke County Rd. 514 at about this point.) Turn south (right) onto Clarke Co. Rd. 425, resetting the odometer there at its origination at Rd. 514. Pursue this road south, changing to gravel surface at 1.2 miles, and crossing under large power lines at 1.4 miles. At 3.4 miles a rough clay-surfaced road sharply and initially descends from Rd. 425 on the left (east). It is gated, but open when I arrived. The terrain peaks out above 600' about 1/2 a mile up this 4-WD-when-wet degraded road. The HP is obvious on the road, the highest ground at an intersection of sorts on the left with a nearby faded sign "Chipmunk Road". There is a nice view there to the east, encompassing a named "mountain" (Mississippi's southernmost topographic feature so designated?) and the highlands of Scott Mt. in Choctaw Co., AL.

Topo Chart
Coordinates: 32 deg 10' 50" N, 88 deg 28' 05 W"