Hancock County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 26, 2003
Author: Bill Jacobs

This report describes a different approach to the highpoint than that mentioned in Fred Dale's report. My guess is Fred's route is easier unless you are into extensive bushwhacking.

Proceed to the Hare Krishma Commune on the east side of Anner Road. The highpoint is not on their land but you will more than likely be crossing their pastures en route. The Commune folks are quite cordial. Ask "Yogi", the manager, for permission. You might call him first (601 749-9460) as he expressed an interest in visiting the highpoint. I was planning on returning to the highpoint with "Yogi" but a "gully washer" changed our minds.

Hike to the northwest corner of the pasture - GPS reading (30° 38' 0" N, 89° 30' 21" W). On the other side of the fence is a logging road heading in a westerly direction. Follow the road, keeping track of orientation by counting the rise and fall of hills, to a point due north of the highpoint. Then head south into the brambles. It's about a third of a mile bushwhack to the highpoint - GPS reading (30° 37' 46" N, 89° 30' 46" W).

Electing to take a different route out, I headed south and came upon the road described by Fred, a less difficult approach. Would surmise this road might connect to Anner Road, somewhere to the south of the Commune's pastureland. It passes nearby the southwest corner of their pasture, making for a convenient access point. From the southwest corner of their pasture, the road heads to the northwest and then takes a more westerly heading, possibly following or paralleling the two hundred foot contour line.