Jackson County High Point Trip Report

five locations in two areas (202+ ft with 10 ft intervals); unnamed

Dates: February 10, 2000 and April 22, 2000
Author: Fred Dale

Northwest Jackson County locations:

(1) Use county road map. Section 10: Spot elevation of 202 ft is within 12 yards of the N side of Wire Rd, on obvious but slight rise. No marker found; location a small clearing at a "gap" in a barb-wire fence in piney woods.

Topo Chart
N 30 deg 42.83', W 88 deg 52.94'
DeLorme TopoUSA elev = 181 ft (!)

(2) Section 3: the NW-most section of this county. From the Dantzler intersection at Wire Road. in Section 10, go north on dirt road 2/3 mi. Park at locked gate at entrance to state game management lands (pedestrians allowed). Walk N 1.1 mi. on abandoned road, crossing timber bridge across creek en route. I traversed a small privately-held abandoned homestead the lane originally served. The 200' contour line is to the W in pine woods, accessible from a W-going track spurring off the Dantzler lane. (Site of a turn of the century logging camp; old RR spikes!) Once up the hill on the spur lane (entering Section 3), bushwhack in the near-level woods, trending to the north to cover the highest-looking spots.

Topo Chart
N 30 deg 44.13', W 88 deg 52.20'
DeLorme TopoUSA elev = 204 ft

(3) Northeast Jackson County (three locations): All are in the NE-most section of the county, all along a curious N-S sand ridge with beach and dune species of plants otherwise locally found only on the barrier islands 35 miles to the south.

The ridge is adjacent to flat soy-bean fields, on the state line, and has a local prominence of only 15-20 feet. It is best accessed by contacting Mr. Leo Davis, whose home is on the state line just east of the north end of the ridge and its north-most HP area. Using county road maps or topos, follow Stateline Road N to its end; keep going on dirt to his house. Near pavement's end, you'll pass on the left (W) the home of his brother who lives immediately adjacent to the E side of the ridge's midsection, and who didn't want to allow me and the kids access to his small part of the area due to liability concerns ("just one call..."). But he did tell me about access by way of a west-going dirt road that ends after a couple hundred yards at timberland for sale at and near the S end of the ridge. That little road starts on (the paved part of ) Stateline Rd. 300' S of the end of pavement. (Note that a small pavement extension of Stateline Rd. 90 degrees off to the E into AL.) At the for-sale sign at the locked gate at the beginning of the rise to the ridge, which this little dirt road traverses, I parked. We walked the length of the ridge, northward, capturing the three areas > 200'.

Topo Chart (200 ft contour)
N 30 deg 43.81', W 88 deg 25.13'
DeLorme's TopoUSA gives a maximum elev in this area at 226 ft!

This does correspond with the spot on the ridge that I think is the highest, though I'm not sure if it could be this high. Anyway, the location is firm.