Noxubee County Highpoint Trip Report

six areas (640+ ft)

Date: April 7, 2004
Author: Bob Packard

This county has 4 areas in a logged area and the other 2 near a house. The 4 areas are near Goulson on state highway 21 between Philadelphia and Shuqualak. A mile east of Goulson, the Weaver-Scaiples Mill Road leads south to Friendship Church. Continue east another half mile to Hudson Road. Turn right and drive south, southeast and east-northeast for 0.7 mile on a dirt road with thin gravel to park at a curve to the right.

North of the road, find the high point in the slash of a timber cut. Check out a lower minor area to the west. A third area is in the thick uncut timber south of the road. The fourth one is in the woods north of the road and just east of the timbered area.

To get to the other 2 areas, you can continue east to reach pavement at 0.9 mile and the Union Hill Road at 1.6 miles. Turn left and drive north a mile to get back to highway 21. Drive north a half mile to the top of the hill, where you are directly east of another area. Don't be tempted to climb the fence and go through the thick timber to the hp. Instead, drive on north a quarter mile to mailbox 5639 on the left. Turn left, drive in to the modest home, and meet Mr. Wyman. From the home of this friendly fellow, a cleared track leads south-southwest to the hp. Mr. Wyman insisted on driving me to the top, rather than let me walk the quarter mile. We didn't find the BM. Mr. Wyman said he had looked for it before and didn't find it. The sixth area, a tiny contour near Mr. Wyman's house, is definitely lower.