Panola County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 23, 2001
Author: Fred Dale

From US Hwy. 278/State Hwy. 6 between Batesville and Oxford, just a mile and a half inside Panola Co., turn south on Shady Grove Rd., an intersection easily noted by the Kyle State Park entrance on the north. Follow this curvy road south and southeast 3.6 mi., the last half mile gravel. Approach the easily seen towers on the hill, and park at the gated gravel service road on the left. No prohibitive signs. Bicycle steeply up to the top for the view at the TVA "Terrapin Mountain" site. The high points, though, as you'll note from the map, are eastward still. Thankfully there is a fine continuation of the road east to the major peak of the "mountain", said road paralleling the col which lies to the north. The higher ridge is obvious when reached, at the first of the three candidate hps. Some rock outcrops there, continue now northeast a bit. The middle hp seems to have been altered, probably an old tower site, across the road from a radio station converted to hunters' camp. Probably the north-most site, at and adjacent to a clearing along the road, is most likely the cohp. See what you think.

Considering lowland cohps, this one is a jewel for its local prominence, and reasonably close to I-55.

Topo chart

My GPS coordinates (south to north) -

(34 deg 18.00 min N, 89 deg 43.40 min W)
(34 deg 18.06 min N, 89 deg 43.32 min W)
(34 deg 18.07 min N, 89 deg 43.29 min W)