Quitman County High Point Trip Report

Date: April 15, 2003
Author: Bob Martin

The northern area is in the town of Crenshaw, on MS3 in the northern end of the county. Crenshaw is a town of friendly people and even friendly children and dogs. Drive west from the junction of 3 and 340, crossing the railroad tracks and go to the southern part of town. The hp area is south of the junction of Lewee Avenue and Jones Street. Jones Street is the county boundary, with Quitman county being to the west. The land at the hp area was said to be, at least in part, property of the Pleasant Grove Church. It extends along the north side of Fowler Creek. From what can be seen through the brush, it appears to be higher than the area to the south.

For the other areas, drive back east across the railroad to road 3, turn right and go south 0.9 mile to Robert Holder road. Turn right and go west across the railroad tracks and a tad beyond. Turn right and head back north on a good gravel road to a building with its only sign "You must be 21 to enter and be served." What about us older fellows? The second hp area is in the area around and east of this building. No definite hp is obvious.

The third area can be accessed by going through the thick brush west of the building and walking southwest in easier going in the trees along the creek. Only a slight rise can be noted.