Tate County High Point Trip Report

Date: April 15, 2003
Author: Bob Martin

All 5 areas are near roads. On LA310, drive to just west of the Panola-Lafayette county line. Find paved Bemis Brunt road, which leaves the highway a little east of where it shows on the topo. Drive north to address 6200 on the west side of the road. With permission, visit the northern area in the yard. The resident said a surveyor said the cohp is on his property.

A second area is just south of the driveway. The third is across the road on the road right-of-way.

Drive back south to a road leading east with a Kelley mailbox. A fourth tiny area is on the left as you enter this road. The fifth area has a house on it. Drive to the end of the road and, with permission, walk around the yard.