Wayne County High Point Trip Report

Date: August 17, 2000
Author: Fred Dale

From I-59, about 48 miles SE of Meridian, take the Sandersville exit, and head east. At the intersection with US Hwy. 11, turn north and proceed 0.6 mi. to Florence Church Rd.; turn east (right) and go 2.1 miles to Old Bethel Church. You're now on the Choctaw Indian Reservation, but not for long. At the intersection with Red Hill Florence Rd., turn south (right), and go only 0.2 mi., taking note of the colloquial gem of an outdoor "tabernacle" church, before resuming east with a left onto Eucutta Rd. Go to Eucutta, 7.7 miles along the paved road. Once there, at the crossroads, continue straight, now on the renamed Sugar Hill Rd. This road takes you initially east, then curves to the north, to the HP 2.2 mi. from Eucutta's crossroads. The HP is about a tenth of a mile past the intersection (coming in from the east) of Springhill Church Rd. (Continue on Sugar Hill Rd.) Note that the HP lies in a field on the right (east), where the road splits. Park at the fork. The gently terraced hill lends itself to accurate and quick HP'ing, a short dash away from the car, <10' gain over a <100 yd. easy pasture walk. No prohibition on entering; pleasant collection of small homes, peaceful. No view to speak of. Note that the county line is extremely close. I felt it was not a liner.

Topo Chart at the fork.
Coordinates: 31.82956 N, 88.85425 W at the fork; 31.82993 N, 88.85390 W in the HP contour.