Beaverhead County High Point Trip Report

Tweedy Mountain (11,154 ft)

Date: July 30, 2002
Author: Tim Worth

David Creek route: Approached from the west. This is a long route for a day hike. From Mono Creek Campground, headed east on the for 3 miles on Brownes Lake Trail, then cut south on the David Creek Trail. After 6 miles, the trail crossed David Creek for the last time and headed uphill to 8800 feet. At this point, the trail continues to Torrey Lake, but for Tweedy Mountain I bushwhacked northeast. Once above treeline, it's standard bouldering to what appears to be the top, but is really a false summit to the west of the true summit.

Getting to the top from here directly is difficult, as there are about 3 or 4 treacherous rock pinnacles to cross. After getting caught in some bad situations, I dropped down about 200 feet to the north. At one point I took off my pack to squeeze through a tight spot, next thing you know its tumbling down the mountain toward Lower Gorge Lake, slowly turning into a tiny dot from my perspective. Luckily I had my camera in my pocket, so I snaked east and made it to the summit without the pack. Lots of register entries. Good view of Torrey Mountain. Couldn't imagine doing both of those in one day.

Descent was just awful. Dropped 500 feet(?) to retrieve my pack. Had the brilliant idea of jumping over the ridge directly into the David Creek valley. Got stuck in a scree slope on the downside which seemed to never end. After ripped shorts and scraped palms I got to treeline, a relief at first. In the valley, heavy deadfall practically ground things to a halt. Finally made it back to the trail. Nine miles later I was back at the trailhead, in darkness.

Trip statistics: 20+ miles round trip with 13 hours duration; net elevation gain of 11,154 - 6,900 = 4,254 ft.