Broadwater County Highpoint Trip Report

Mount Edith

Date: August 15, 2007
Authors: Andy Martin and John Hamann

Jerry Brekhus has a good report.

I studied the satellite views (at Google Earth and Flashearth) and discovered a new road that goes from the 6900 saddle to here.

This road was unlocked, suitable for passenger cars, and ends at a nice, somewhat-shaded bush camp with level ground and a fire ring. We camped here.

Next morning I flogged the Honda Accord on up to here and parked. High clearance should get here with no problem. This would also make a nice bush camp, though not as nice as the lower one.

From here it was a pretty short trail hike and alpine bushwhack to the windy summit. John saw a mother bear and cubs enroute to the top - I might have laced on my first boot around that time.

At the top, I took a careful sight level over to Mount Baldy, a contender peak. With the 2X level resting on a rock, Mount Baldy clearly sighted lower than Edith. My Magellan Explorist 100 GPS gave Edith an elevation of 9514 with 16-foot Waas accuracy. I don't really trust this a lot, so don't think the GPS proves any more than Edith reaches the 9,480+ foot mapped elevation.