Cascade County Highpoint Trip Report

Long Mountain (8,621 ft)

Date: August 8, 2004
Author: Dick Johnson

I attempted the route described by Tim Worth (north of Neihart a short ways on US 89, then turning east on the road up Carpenter Creek, to approach Long Mountain from the north side) but just after I crossed the creek, went around the sharp curve, near the tailings ponds, and encountered new signs saying "Private Road" and "No Trespassing". Rather than face some irate landowner with a shotgun (I've had that happen before), I decided to try a new route by circling the mountain and approaching from the southeast. It worked. That route is described here.

Take the Jefferson Creek Road, which heads east off US 89 a couple miles south of Neihart. It's a little rough in places but passenger cars and RV's use it. Follow it about 4 miles to a T junction with another road, and turn left (north). Can't recall if the road name was posted but it is Forest Service Road 3328 which is the road to Chamberlain Creek and Basin. I followed it several miles as it wound north. Eventually it bends to the southwest and there is a fork in the road. The left fork is the major road but I took the right fork (FS Road 6351 on my FS map and also on the Neihart 1995 topo) and drove it to the end at about 7,500 feet elevation.

From the end point in a wet meadow, I followed ATV tracks north to the wooded ridge top, then turned west on an obvious trail westward along the north side of the ridge. This allows one to detour around the cliffs visible from road's end. Once beyond (west of) the cliffs, I ascended the ridge and followed it westward to the top of Long Mountain. This route gives one a greater appreciation of why they call this peak "Long Mountain", but the route is easy and the elevation gain is only one-half that of the other route.

Hike statistics: at most two miles each way, with 1,100 feet of elevation gain.