Daniels County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 23, 2001
Author: Jerry Brekhus

This is an easy one. The hardest part for most people would be the long trip to get there. We live in Montana and even for us it was 400 miles one-way.

We approached from Valley County, traveling on North Bench Road, which runs parallel to the Canadian Border approximately 2 miles inside the U.S. About a mile west of the Daniels County line, it becomes Border Road. This road crosses the county line at 3,132 ft. Walk around on higher ground until satisfied that you have walked on the highest ground of Daniels County. A primitive road, suitable for any car in dry weather runs north on the county line. You should have a State Lands Recreational Use License, because the land east of this primitive road is state land. ($10 individual, $20 family).

The land slopes very gently, so don't expect a prominent hill to climb. A bit more than a half-mile north of Border Road, the primitive road slopes down visibly and turns east. There is no need to follow the road beyond that point, because the highest area has then been passed.

This must be one of northernmost county high points outside of Alaska. However, it is not THE northernmost. North Dakota has a county high point atop the Turtle Mountains right on the international border.