Fergus County High Point Trip Report

Greathouse and Old Baldy

Date: Summer 1997
Author: Bob Packard

Did both Greathouse and Old Baldy (2 separate trips) for Fergus, MT. Don't know if we'll ever know which is higher. Greathouse, of course, is 8681. On Old Baldy there are 2 BM's. On the very summit there is an apparently very old BM with no name or date. Off to the side, about 3-4 feet lower is a satellite BM, dated 1949 imprinted with the name Big Snowy and an arrow pointing to the summit BM. I'm guessing that this BM is the one indicated on the Half Moon Ca, MT 7.5 Quad showing just outside the 8680 contour. If this is so Old Baldy is 8681-8682.