Golden Valley County High Point Trip Report

Big Snowy Benchmark (46 deg 45.085 min N, 109 deg 18.823 min W) - datum WGS84

USGS elevation 8,640+ ft (GPS elevation 8,654 ft)

Date: July 11, 2001
Author: Jerry Brekhus

We parked where a jeep trail leaves Red Hill Road about 27 miles from the Fergus County Courthouse, Lewistown. With a 4x4, adventurous drivers may choose to proceed on the jeep trail until rocks are encountered that cannot be cleared or vehicle travel becomes slower than hiking.

We hiked on the jeep trail for 6.5 miles to Big Snowy Mountain as marked by Big Snowy benchmark. This mountain is officially named Old Baldy on the quad map. The summit area is a treeless plateau with a visible knoll at the benchmark and highest point. On our way we circled a few hundred yards to the south and came up the ridge line to assure crossing the Golden Valley highpoint. On a nearly level part of the ridge line and at the edge where the terrain drops steeply to Half Moon Pass, there is a cairn which seems to represent the Golden Valley high point (perhaps placed there by Bob Packard?). It is less than 100 yards along the crest from the summit to the county line.

With a hand level, I judged Greathouse Peak to be higher, but very close to the same elevation as Big Snowy (Old Baldy).

Trip Statistics: Hiking time 6.25 hours; round trip distance 13 miles; (Avocet watch) elevation gain 3,030 ft