Golden Valley County High Point Trip Report

Dates: July 1-2, 2003
Author: Tim Worth

Followed the Jerry Brekhus route on both of these. Left a note in the cairn at the Golden Valley cohp, about 100 ft south of Big Snowy.

As to the Fergus cohp, I took careful hand level readings from both Big Snowy (a.k.a. Old Baldy) and Greathouse.

Day 1, I measured Big Snowy to be ever so slightly higher than Greathouse. Backsighting on Day 2, I measured Greathouse to be even with Big Snowy. As previously noted, the BM Big Snowy is 3-4 ft lower than the highest point, which would put the summit at 8,681-2. So it is possible that Big Snowy is higher, which would make it a virtual two-fer, but it's WAY to close to make a conclusive determination with a simple hand level. Next person needs to bring up a 2X or better scope. Until then, best to hike them both. Greathouse Peak is the nicer hike anyways.