Granite County High Point Trip Report

Warren Peak (10,463 ft)

Date: August 21, 2002
Author: Tim Worth

Despite bad weather I was able to climb Warren Peak. Came from the west. Camped near Moose Lake, 12 miles south of MT 38. Hike began from Middle Fork trailhead No. 9 on trail #29 towards Edith Lake. Fog, rain and hail, heavy at times. It was five miles to the Hi-Line Trail, I turned north, after some switchbacks the Edith Lake trail forked south. It was another half mile to Edith Lake, where the trail ends.

Rain was gone but it was wet and foggy. Hiked around the north shore of Edith Lake, then started the bushwhack up northeast. Terrain was gradual at first with some deadfall but then became steep with brush and some bad, wet footing. This part was fairly exhausting, and visibility was almost nothing. Was a relief to get to tree line, but I had veered to the west and ended up on the ridge at point 9452.

Thunder, lighting, and heavy rains showed up in a hurry, and I had to make a dash back below tree line. Waited about an hour for the thing to pass. Considered bailing out. Clouds kept pouring in, but the rain and lighting stopped, so I headed upward. Followed the east-west ridge half a mile, up 1300 feet to the summit. USGS BM 'Warran'. Small rock windbreak. Tylenol bottle register. Snow flurries for a brief time, then it cleared for good.

Descent was easy above tree line but treacherous below, as the slick grass and general steepness caused quite a few slides and spills. Back to Edith Lake, and hiked the same way out.

Trip statistics: About 15 mile round trip in 9 hours (including a one hour wait); net elevation gain of 10,463 - 6322 = 4141 feet.