Mineral County High Point Trip Report

Quartz Mountain

Date: September 3, 2001
Author: Bob Packard

The USGS maps suggest a trail up to Landowner Mountain (Cement Creek Trail) off Trout Creek Road, but people at Lolo National Forest Ranger Station in Missoula guessed that this trail did not exist. They called up some other ranger who had experience up there and I followed his suggestion as follows.

Took exit 55 off of I-90, then Quartz Road (paved), then Forest Road 7783, then FR 7789 (good dirt) to a gate where I parked in big open bulldozed area (several acres). This is at a saddle at 6020, northwest of Sunrise Mountain. Climbed Sunrise Mountain up the southeast ridge via a fire line built for the big fire of 2000 in that area. Made very a good trail. Followed this fire line southeast down the other side. When the fire line ended I picked up a route with blazes and ribbons for a while, then it too petered out. From a 6300 foot saddle I did a hard, blind bushwhack along the northeast ridge of Quartz passing over point 6843. Couldn't see where I was going until I got to the top of point 6843. At the top plenty of wood and wire and lady bugs, but no Quartz BM. I built a cairn out of the whole mess, rocks, wood, wire, lady bugs, but I had no register with me to leave.

Returned bushwhacking down into the upper reaches of Windfall Creek drainage and finally (hard to see where one is going) picked up Forest Road 7789 which I followed back to the gate and my camper.

Trip Statistics: 7.25 hours, 10 miles, 3200 feet elevation gain.