Powder River County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 31, 2002
Author: Andy Martin

From West Butte we drove south to Ridge, where a short drive west convinced us that the road to the Ridge Cemetery was not going to work for a Honda. We headed to the large farm at top end of section 31, where we got out to ask for access permission. Jane started playing with a dog, which probably won over the rancher more than any of my babbling. Believe the rancher's name was Gene Caldwell. I started talking about my weird hobby, and how no doubt there are not many people interested in the MT cohp. Gene then informed me that 3 others had been by just a few weeks previously - this was probably Jobe Wymore's expedition. In any case, Gene was nice enough to give the OK for us to drive on west, and we reached the Radio Tower hill easily. The tower seems unused.

The second area to the south proved tougher, as the road and the map don't match up too well. We all ended up hiking some to reach this area.

GPS reading: Etrex WGS84, good sky - north area (45° 1.141' N, 105° 2.744' W) at 4,466 ft