Powell County High Point Trip Report

Mount Powell

Date: August 26, 2001
Author: Bob Packard

I had a hard time trying to get good information for this climb, but someone at the local KOA told me one way to do it.

I used the paved road past the airport, then unmarked Forest Road 006 (dirt) to a power line and parked at locked gate (state prison land) and walked road paralleling power line south and went bushwhacking west up a long ridge. I did not walk far enough south (my USGS copy did not go far enough north) and got on the wrong ridge (too far north). It was hours of hard work before I could see well enough and was far enough onto the map section that I did have to figure out the error. Dropped down into the drainage north of "The Crater", crossed it and climbed (3rd class) up a dramatic spine that runs northeast from Mount Powell between The Crater drainage and the one north of it.

Powell is trivial from there. Met a local climber up there and together we climbed Deer Lodge Mountain (9,765 ft). We went off this to the northeast. He kept going northeast to where his car was and I turned nowthwest to pick up the ridge I was supposed to come in on, picked up the road paralleling power line, back to camper.

Trip Statistics: 12.5 hours, 20 miles, 5700 feet elevation gain.

There are better ways, especially if all you want is Powell. Take Forest Road 670 to get to trail to Elliot Lake. Keep going on this trail up over a pass at 8,600+ ft with Martin Lake in it. Go down other side and climb that spine. A direct climb up from Martin Lake is possible, but it looked awful steep to me. I think this would give a trip of 10 miles round trip and 2900 ft elevation gain.

Powell had a 3 year old register with maybe 60 signers. Also in it was memorial material for someone. Nearby was a cremation ash box for yet someone else.