Rosebud County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 4, 2001
Author: Bob Packard

Parked where Jerry Brekhus did for Treasure County.

Followed their route up Treasure highpoint, built cairn, left register, then went 5 miles cross country up and down ridges and valleys, using cow paths which are all over the place, and bushwhacked some up to Rosebud highpoint.

Through the big pines up there I could see the radio tower off to the SE. Went out the Black Hank Drainage, picked up a good ranch road, which took me to the Colstrip Road, thence back to camper.

Saw coyote and 2 wild turkey. On the drive west on Colstrip Road heading toward the Sarpy Creek Road (I came in from west, while the Brekhus's came in from the east) I was waved to stop by a guy with a huge truck carrying a front loader-backhoe. He chewed me out for hiking on his land, but said he wouldn't press charges. Claimed he owned the land on both sides of Colstrip Rd. I asked if he'd give his name and telephone number so that others could ask permission. He wouldn't give his name and said he wouldn't give permission.

Trip Statistics: time, distance, elevation gain = (7.75 hours, 17 miles, 2600 feet).