Teton County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 25, 2002
Author: Bob Packard

North of Choteau took Teton Canyon Road west 17 miles, then went south across a little bridge to South Fork Teton River Road, then west 5 miles to forest boundary, then 5 more miles to a trailhead.

Hiked TR 165 up over Headquarters Creek Pass and somewhat beyond. Left trail and climbed south to a 8380-foot pass. Climbed UN 8752 to the west, then Rocky Mount (9,392 feet) to the east, the cohp. No BM, cairn or register.

At the start up Rocky from the 8380-foot pass I did some very serious route finding in a chute. In this chute at about 8500 feet, I found Reference Marker #1 for Rocky BM on a 2 foot diameter, 1 foot thick rock, clearly fallen from above & I suspect that this fall had been caused purposefully. With so few BM's intact and no registers, I'm suspicious that people have been destroying these on purpose. Rocky Mount is also hp of Lewis and Clark National Forest and of Bob Marshall Wilderness.