Wibaux County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 10, 2002
Authors: Jobe Wymore, Pat Wymore, Julie Kawa

From Exit 242 on I-94 in Wibaux, Montana, set the odometer and head south on MT7. Immediately after getting off the freeway, MT7 will swing to the right and pass through some residential parts of town. Shortly after you have swung to the right, about a block later, look for a Conoco gas station. Once you reach it, turn left heading south through the heart of Wibaux, still on MT7. Just keep on heading south through town until mile 22.8 to an intersection with a red dirt road with a sign saying Rattlesnake Creek Lane. Set the odometer again and head west on this dirt road for 4 miles until the main dirt road you were on starts to swing northward. At this point a lesser non-posted, unlocked, gated dirt road will be extending westward. We passed through the gate and immediately noticed that the road split, with one branch going southward and the other one still aiming west. Stay straight, heading westward, up a small rise and then down, where we pulled off the side of the road and parked at mile 4.6, right before the road curved.

From this point the unnamed area that you're looking for is 0.2 mile to the northwest. We got out and slid under an unposted barbed wire fence and then strolled through the unplanted field up to the HP, which is a defined little bump. Built a small cairn and laid a deer antler that we found on top of it. Easy HP.