Yellowstone County High Point Trip Report

Stratford Hill (4971 ft)

Date: December 29, 1999
Author: Jerry Brekhus

Today, under the Big Sky, my wife and I reached our first Montana county high point. From the I-90 exit at South Billings Boulevard drive 10 miles south on Blue Creek Road. Turn right on gravel Cormier Road and go 11 miles with 9 right angle turns. Here the road makes a U-turn back toward Billings. From the U, we crossed an unposted fence and strolled across the grassy mesa for a half-mile, gaining 60 feet. We observed a grave marked by a tombstone with the name Stratford on it and a windsock next to it. About 100 ft. NW we located BM BLUE dated 1925. The weather was sunny and warm. Billings hit a daily record of 60 deg. F today.