Alamance County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: January 26, 2006
Author: Brian Bockhahn

Off Mount Herman - Rock Creek Road in south central Alamance County, a fire tower road leads east to the summit. Nearing the summit, the road is posted on the sides and there are video cameras set up but it is not clear if it's the road or property that is posted. With four wheel drive or just high clearance one could drive to the summit, which was visible from the last house. There are stakes in the middle of the road so maybe it is being re-graded but for now the stakes block driving.

I stopped by the last house with a video camera at the end of their driveway but nobody was home except for a friendly great dane, a cat, and a three-legged dog. With the summit in view I walked down the road a little and was immediately challenged by some un-friendly dogs from the next house.

So I backtracked to consider bushwhacking from the base. At 0.1 mile east of Fire Tower Road, I turned north on Iron Wood Drive and went 0.4 mile and lucked into finding a four-wheeler trail heading east. I had planned to bushwhack up the north ridge but to my surprise and delight the four-wheeler trail went right to the summit. It will be tempting to leave the trail as it rounds the north ridge and descends but stick with the trail. The fire tower had the bottom three flights of stairs removed and around its base looked like the highest ground. I could hear the barking dogs while on top but otherwise had the whole trail and summit to myself.

Iron Wood Drive is a new subdivision and I just parked on the side of the road. Once lots are developed access will change. There were two other trails from the northwest that joined this trail.