Alleghany County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: October 29, 2005
Author: Patrick Craft

This peak can also be ascended via Doughton Mountain Road in the saddle between Betsy Peak and Catherine Knob.

I came from the south, off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Turn left off onto NC 18 and go through Laurel Springs (don't blink). A few miles later turn right on Doughton Mountain Road. Drive up to the saddle and park. There is a well maintained gravel road climbing up and then along the northern edge of the mountain (and beyond). It can almost be Martinized with a 4-WD. It is unsigned. The first (lower) peak has 2 towers, one a US Government microwave tower. Mount Rogers, Wilburn Ridge, and Whitetop can be seen to the west-northwest, Bluff Mountain and Mount Jefferson can be seen to the west-southwest, Grandfather far away to the southwest.

Proceed east to the western HP and a Skyline telephone relay tower. Cross a fence and hike along the ridge to the eastern HP, where there are some large rocks. The field between the 2 is posted for no hunting or fishing.

Contact Rocking B Farms in Laurel Springs if you plan to do either (telephone numbers are 828-372-7467 and/or 828-372-5770). There is a deer stand in the field between the two peaks.