Alleghany County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: August 10, 2006
Author: Roy Wallen

The descriptions from Bob Packard and Patrick Craft are valid. Some mileage values and description here may clarify access. I looked at both approaches and, not being Bob Packard, chose to Martinize this one.

From the Blue Ridge Parkway, take NC 18 for 21.6 miles to the Laurel Springs Fire District sign and then another 2.2 miles to Doughton (pronounced Dot’un) Mountain Road on the right. Zero your odometer.

It is 0.6 mile to Cheek Mountain Road. At mile 1.5 miles, the road turns to gravel. At 1.8 miles, there is a telephone line that crosses the road. You can walk up this telephone line for 2 miles to the summit, as Bob Packard did.

As an alternative, after turning onto Doughton Mountain Road and passing Cheek Mountain Road at 0.6 mile, continue to 1.8 miles at the crest of the hill. Re-zero your odometer and proceed right and up the gravel road 0.6 mile to a sign and a dirt road on the right. This dirt road leads to a tower. Continue to mile 1.2 and a second tower. This is the highpoint. Across a fence and grassy field to the east is another point and looking back to the southwest you can see the first tower. Using a hand-level, I was able to read the center knob (Catherine Knob) as the highest.