Caldwell County Highpoint Trip Report

Grandfather Mtn

Date: April 14, 2001
Author: Ken Oeser

I was surprised by the toughness of the Grandfather Mountain trail, considering the $12/person fee. I was expecting a well maintained trail, but it was rough, with maybe a mile of the 2.3 one-way distance easily walked. We took the ladder trail going, and the lower, yellow trail out. They were out of trail maps or we may have gained time on the yellow trail going in. My daughter was scared of the exposure a couple of times, but she did a good job and earned these. She/we were glad the highpoint wasn't McRay Peak above a 15 foot tall ladder. I know it is more natural as an unmaintained trail but for the money I think they should have an alternative access trail to the summit. Even the yellow trail was very rough, with large rocks making slow progress. We were in and out in 3 hours 45 minutes.