Carteret County High Point Trip Report

Date: August 6, 2003
Author: Chip Clark

This shoreline county has four points.

For the first point, from MCAS Cherry Point (at Havelock) proceed southeast on Rte 70. After a few miles, head south on Nine Foot Road. At the junction with Route 24, turn left, and make a quick right onto Karobi Park Drive. Pull over and park. The point is on the obvious knoll, within spitting distance of route 24. With a 4WD you could just about Martinize it.

For point two, proceed west on Route 24 through the town of Bogue. From here, I didn't write down street names, but the roads on Topozone look like a typical residential neighborhood in real life. The point of closet approach was posted by a hunting club, so I tried a different route. I eventually found a area off the road about 0.5 mile west-southwest of the point, and bushwhacked past the foundations of the new homes being constructed to the hp area. There is a woods road that now goes practically over the point. Nosed around the high ground to satisfy myself.

For point three, proceed southeast on Route 24 to a left onto Route 58. This will take you onto the Emerald Isle. From there, I tried to get as close I could to the coordinates in a nearby neighborhood. I found the point after passing through a backyard into another neighborhood. The point is on a steep sandy bluff, and is for sale. It may disappear when a house is built.

I followed the same process for point four - went a little more west, parked, and used the GPS to get local. This was in dense short pine forest.

Afterward, I untucked my jeans from my socks that evening, and brushed the sandy dirt of my ankles. It didn't brush off. And the dirt had legs. About an hour later, after a hot soapy shower and hand picking, I got all the chiggers off - I probably have six or seven bites on my left ankle, and over 40 on my right. I probably got them in the grass on Emerald Isle - another good reason for a winter hike!