Chatham County High Point Trip Report

Date: January 18, 1999
Author: Fred Lobdell

There are two hills that are candidates for the highest point in Chatham County. The first of these lies near the northern border of the county, on the Alamance County line. The second is about a mile south- southwest of Siler City, a short distance east of the Randolph County line.

For the northern area, drive east from the intersection of US routes 64 & 421 on the east side of Siler City about a mile to the first paved left turn, which is Silk Hope Road (route 1003). Follow this road through the hamlet of Silk Hope about 5.5 miles to a paved road (Wade Harris Road) leading left (west). (This intersection is about 2.2 miles north of Silk Hope.) Turn left onto Wade Harris Rd. and follow it for about 0.8 mile, until you see a pond on your right (north). The high point should be on your left (south) at this point. Turn around and park off the road.

There will be a farm field west of the woods that cover the hill. Next to the woods is a dirt track leading uphill (south) to the summit ridge. You may follow this track or bushwhack up through the woods a short distance east of that point. Once on the summit ridge turn left (east) and follow it to the highest point. Once again, you may descend the same way or bushwhack down through the rather open woods. (The bushwhacking is not difficult here.)

The second area may be reached from the intersection of US routes 64 and business 421 on the north side of Siler City. Drive south through town about 0.8 mile to Raleigh Street. (The topographic map shows the post office as being at this intersection.) Turn right (southwest) on Raleigh Street and follow it as it turns south. About 1.5 miles from the post office there should be a dirt road (Fire Tower Road), passable by all sorts of vehicles, leading off to the right (west). Turn right and follow this road to the summit, which is marked by a radio relay tower and another structure. Park here. The highest area appears to be just east of the fenced tower, but you should wander over much of the summit area.

There is also a second 770-foot contour a short distance back down the road; the power lines run along the east side of it. It is easiest to walk up under the power lines and walk around in the area to the west to cover the high ground.