Chatham County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: January 28, 2006
Author: Shannon Dillmore

Followed Fred Lobdell's trip report for Chatham. The report is still spot-on for the northern area. The land is owned by a family across from the farm field in a nice white house. I got permission; she was amused at my reason for being there. Heard gunshots after entering the woods, so I utilized a pathetic blend of jogging/bushwhacking to get to the summit. It is probably the most overgrown area in the immediate woods.

Southern area is still accurate, although I think the contour with the relay tower is higher. There’s no way to tell, though. The woods off of Fire Tower Road are being developed (knock me over with a feather) but it doesn't look like it will affect access in the immediate future.

If I would have received Brian Bockhahn's Randolph update a day earlier, I would have gone for that as well.