Craven County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: December 30, 2005
Author: Shannon Dillmore

After getting some information from Peter Barr via e-mail, I set out for Craven. There are four contours in two areas. Heading from Raleigh, I took US 70 east. There are mile markers 1.9 miles after the turn-off to get to Dover. Turn around, then park next to the mile marker. To hit the middle of the contour, head off at a 58 degree bearing from your car. You'll go through woods and cross the county line. The contour is about 1/8 mile from the car.

To hit the other three, I attempted to gain access from the north. I got back in the car, headed west on US 70, then took the Dover turn-off. Turn left on Dover Road, take 3.3 miles to a right onto SR 1262. Follow this 4.3 miles to a sharp right on SR 1258 (Jonestown Road). The road is 2.8 miles from this turn on the right. If you hit Old Mill you've gone too far. Unfortunately, the road was gated and locked. It would have been a 3 mile walk each way and I didn't have time. The gate was marked "authorized access only" and the point of contact is the Weyerhaeuser Company in New Bern. I'll get this one another time.

Note: There are artificial high points elsewhere in Craven in the form of US 70 overpasses.