Craven County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: January 12, 2007
Author: Brian Bockhahn

From US70 take the exit for Cove City and SR 41. Go north 6.0 miles through Cove City. I pulled into 2395 Wintergreen Road, farmhouse on the left with semicircular driveway. After talking with Effy Wood, she gave me permission to visit the high point. She would prefer future high pointers to check in. Her husband recently passed away but was pretty sure that between her and her brother they owned the entire area all the way back to and including the high point ridge. She was surprised it was the county high point and said they called it Sand Ridge and that it went all the way to Dover. She said that they do hunt back in there, which is why I waited until after January 1st. I left her a map and my business card.

From her driveway, take the very next road on the left at a sign for Goldsboro Hog Farms, Woods Bros 1&2. Follow this sand track mostly straight 1.8 miles past a small active farm lot. Mrs. Wood said her son farms here and may be in this area occasionally. I parked next to a well-shot target where a deep mud hole blocked the road.

I walked past the mud hole and area three was a few hundred feet on the left, I used a GPS to confirm I was in the contour and then wandered around a slash pile to the CoHP. Area two is noticeably lower but on the way to area three. From area three, it looked like area one was higher. The walking was very easy as the entire area was clear-cut a few years back and has not fully re-vegetated, Mrs. Wood said they used to Martinize it with four wheelers. The road was passable by car and looks like it should stay that way in all but very wet conditions. Good bird watching on the drive in.

I did Area 4 a couple years back, from Sunset Road. Shannon Dillmore's report is from the other side. Either's fine.