Cumberland County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 17, 2007
Authors: Brian Bockhahn and Fred Lobdell

We called the number from Peter Barr’s trip report to get access inside the fence and they explicitly told us no and that anyone inside the fenced area would be arrested. The person we talked to said he went to the summit and using top secret military technology he determined that the area outside the fence near the east side gate was the true high point and this area was publicly accessible.

Exit 52 off I95, take 24 west for five or so miles, turn left onto Santa Fe Drive. After 0.5 mile turn onto the All American Freeway/Expressway. Take this through the check point 15.2 miles to its end at Longstreet, turn left. At the check point you will need to hand over your license and registration and open all doors for a quick search, this can be slow during the morning commute. Continue south on Longstreet 11.4 miles leaving the base and turn right at Lamont Road. After 0.7 mile turn left onto an unnamed but paved road right across from the entrance to the landfill.

The paved road leads up to the summit area. We parked outside the fence and walked around to the east side gate. We were fortunate in finding the gate open with no visible posted signs and some workmen present. They had no problem with our visiting the area inside the fence. We felt that the area under 3 or 4 tall pine trees a short distance inside the gate was the true HP. There is also a high area outside and south of the gate, which we felt was probably a foot or two lower than the area inside.

However, we did not hand-level it. Future visitors to this HP should bring a hand level and try to determine which area is higher.

They are putting a new radio tower up in this area outside the fence, so it might be worth visiting this county during working hours to get lucky and find the gate open.