Dare County High Point Trip Report

Engagement Hill on Jockey's Ridge - spot elevation 138

Date: September 7, 2002
Author: Ryan Bowles

This HP is on whatever happens to be the highest sand dune on Jockey's Ridge on the day you visit. It's very easy to get to - take US158 to the entrance to Jockey's Ridge State Park at MP 14.5. Hike a short distance along the nature trail, then cut off to the left to the obvious ridge area. A map available at the visitor's center offers details. The visitor's center says that the highest point is generally between 90 and 100 feet.

It would be a good idea to also visit Big Kill Devil Hill to be sure about the county. Big Kill Devil Hill is also directly off US158 in the Wright Brothers National Memorial (worth visiting anyway) at MP 12.5. Big Kill Devil Hill has been stabilized with grass and a huge overbearing monument. The ranger there said it now stands at a little over 90 feet. With the shifting sands in the area, this may be the HP, and is at least more permanent than Jockey's Ridge.