Davidson County High Point Trip Report

High Rock Mtn. (1188 ft)

Date: May 1, 1999
Author: Fred Lobdell

Andy Martin's book lists both High Rock Mtn. (1,188 ft.) and Three Hat Mtn. (1,180 ft.) for Davidson. As these are summit spot elevations, it would appear that it should only be necessary to climb Migh Rock to claim the county, and this report only covers that hike.

From Exit 91 on I-85 just south of Lexington, go south on NC 8 about 15 miles to just south of the second crossing of an arm of High Rock Lake. As the road rises to a height of land, there will be a gated gravel road on the right. This road was posted last September but was not as of last weekend. Park.

Hike up the gravel road. A lookout tower will be reached after a half mile or so; it was possible to ascend it. Continue up the dirt road as it drops about 150 feet to a saddle, then climbs to the summit at 1,188 feet. A hand-level sighting of the next knob (1,151 feet) confirmed that it was indeed somewhat lower than the 1,188-foot knob. Total round trip is about 3.5 miles; allow 2 hours for this one. And you'd better do it soon, as the area is rapidly being developed. There were surveyor's stakes all over the summit ridge with lot numbers on them. Access may be difficult in the future.