Franklin County Highpoint Trip Report

three unnamed areas (560+ ft)

Date: October 31, 1998
Author: Fred Lobdell

General: The three unnamed areas that are the candidates for the high point of Franklin County lie on or just off NC 96.

Northernmost area: From the intersection of US 1 and NC 96 about 5 miles south of Franklinton, go northwest on NC 96 about 3.8 miles to the third of three closely spaced local roads on the left. Park here. This area is by far the largest and the topographic map shows a spot elevation of 562 feet at the road intersection. Walk around both east of NC 96 and up the side road on the west. The high point may be in the farm field on the north side of the local road. However, there is a slightly raised area on the west side of NC 96 that personal observation suggests may be the high area. I am not referring here to the obviously manmade piles near the intersection of NC 96 with the middle one of the side roads.

Two southern areas: From the above parking area, go south on NC 96 about 0.3 mile to the southernmost of the three local roads mentioned above. Turn right (south) and go about another 0.3 mile, just past the first curve to the right. Park here. These two areas are right by the side of the southernmost road, one on each side. The western area is in front of a trailer home and the high area appears to be around an old tree stump. The eastern area is in front of a farm field.