Graham County Highpoint Trip Report

Huckleberry Knob (5,560+ ft)

Date: August 3, 2006
Author: Don Desrosiers

This is a strange one. When standing on top, near the grave, several other nearby peaks looked higher. Looking at the topos, Huckleberry was the highest thing in the area. Probably some NC illusion to confuse us tourists.

There is now a signed parking area at mile marker 8.7. Trail is easy enough to follow, although if someone were to come through with a weed whacker on a regular basis, I suspect they would get little complaint.

The text at the trailhead sign about the grave near the peak reads, in part: "This grave is a testament to the harsh winter at this elevation. On December 11, 1899, Andy Sherman and Paul O'Neil left the Tellico Creek logging camp, where they worked, to reach Robbinsville by Christmas. Sadly, they never made it. On September 6, 1900, while deer hunting on Huckleberry Knob, Forrest Denton found the two bodies along with several whiskey jugs. Sherman's grave is marked by a large (sic) cross on the knob. O'Neil's skeleton was given to Dr. Robert J Orr as a medical exhibit."

There is a more verbose plaque at the grave that says the coroner's jury determined the two died while "lost and intoxicated".