Granville County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: February 4, 2006
Author: Brian Bockhahn

I had been to Tallyho with BM before in the new subdivision. It was a quick ascent.

I went for the 743 peak that was surrounded by posted signs. Uzzle Road had many lot for sale signs on it. I parked at the red cattle gate 2.0 miles north of Enon Road, waited a while, and had a few farmers drive by but they showed no interest in me. It was pouring rain so I decided to make a literal run for it (I ran/jogged the whole time). The posted sign that should have been on the gate was on the ground several feet in. The summit looked to be the wooded rocky top of the peak, grades were so gradual it was deceiving.

I ran east following a fence row, then hopped a five wire fence, turned north and east heading uphill. I hopped a few other unposted fences to get to high points in a blackberry pasture, some wooded areas, and another open pasture. I did run into a line of yellow posted signs like the ones off Range Road marking yet another hunt club property. I passed several tree stands and, from the last high pasture, I could see across to another high area but it contained a farm and houses. I think the high point is just the "middle" land and undeveloped.

I ran for over an hour and hit everything that seemed high. With the heavy rain it was tough to get a good view of the height of land there.

The state geology page lists the hp as 1.3 miles southwest of intersection of 1140/1141 (Uzzle and Moriah Roads).