Granville County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 26, 2007
Author: anonymous

Since moving to the area I have bicycled down Helena/Moriah Road, the road that bisects the two Granville highpoints. I noticed some logging roads off the road heading north and thought they might provide another route to the northern summit. My son and I drove out and parked on the ridge, at spot elevation 537. We then followed the jeep road north to the point where it turns east. We proceeded through the fairly open 2nd growth hardwoods, almost due north to the south of spot elevation 635. We crossed some small creeks that provided some needed water on our return hike. Here we came onto another jeep road and followed it north to the summit.

This county could be Martinized if the jeep road comes out to Helen/Moriah Road. The land is posted against hunting and fishing but I think hiking would be accepted. All the land south of the summit seems to have been logged in the last few years. We had a GPS but a good compass is all that is needed. Round trip was 2 hours. Tick count for both about 15.

We have previously summitted the south peak, easily accessed from the new development on Range Road.