Hyde County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: November 14, 2006
Author: Patrick Craft

Six small quick dune ascents on Ocracoke Island, listed from south to north. Take ferry from north or south to get to the island, bug spray may be needed, even in winter. Bring a camera because the views are pleasant from all but area two. GPS is helpful but not necessary. Make a day or two out of this one and enjoy the area.

Area one - Locate the Hammock Hills Nature Trail head across from the campground a few miles north of Ocracoke Village. Hike the road, not the trail, southwest to a closed off dump station. Hop the wooden fence and hike out to the highest dune.

Area two - Zero odometer leaving the trail head and travel north about 0.7 mile, wooded dune on right.

Areas three and four - Continue north and park at 2.2 miles, dunes on left. Climb to area four first and then you can look over and see area three.

Area five - Continue north to about 5.0 miles, park carefully and notable rise in road. The high dune is on the east side of road with great views and just a short walk to beach. Birders watch for Northern Gannets in the winter offshore and dolphin any time of the year. I'm assuming Sand BM is buried as I couldn't find it.

Area six - Continue north to 5.2 miles high dune on left side of road.