Lenoir County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 2, 1999
Author: Fred Lobdell

The Lenoir County HPs are a large area on Old Pink Hill Rd. and a recently discovered area just east of the crossroads of Liddell. For the first area, go north on NC 11 from the intersection of 11 and 241 in the village of Pink Hill. In a little less than a mile, Old Pink Hill Rd. will go off on the left (west). This road immediately turns north, and the high point is a large area on both sides of the road about a mile and a half north.

The second area may be reached by going west from Pink Hill about 5 miles on NC 11, then turning right (north) on rtes. 111 & 903. After about 4 miles these rtes. split; take the right fork (NC 903). Continue north another 4 miles to the first intersection north of the county line. Turn right (east) on Liddell Rd. and go about 0.3 miles.

According to the topo, the high area is an elongated area on the south side of the road and parallel to it. It is in a patch of woods. I must say that the area on the north side of the road looked just about as high to me.