Madison County Highpoint Trip Report

Sandymush Bald

Date: January 5, 2007
Author: Peter Barr

The popular access for Sandymush Bald has changed. The approach off of NC 208 is still possible but likely not for long. The land owners have divorced, sold the land, and a developer has already decimated the mountain slopes on the old dirt approach road to the fields on the ridgeline between Crabtree Bald and Sandymush Bald. I got permission to hike up the now mud trench bulldozer trench/road from the construction workers but these likely were people completely authorized to give permission. The previous landowner in 3207 Bald Creek Road said she can no longer give permission since she does not own the land. I'm trying to work with the new developer/land owner for hiker access to be continued but the new development may be gated.

For easier (gulp) and more legal access to Sandymush in the future, one may consider the route listed on Patrick Craft's Sandymush Bald summitpost site, which will require a more difficult hike/navigation but through friendlier territory.