Montgomery County Highpoint Trip Report

Dark Mtn

Date: February 12, 2006
Author: Shannon Dillmore

Not carefully comparing my surroundings and the map caused me to take 1 hour 35 minutes for a 30 minute round trip.

The topo map shows the Uwharrie Trail, and this trail is indeed still blazed but the parking area referred to by Fred is not on the map but further west from the map TH on SR 1306 (Flint Hill Road). From the parking area, follow the white blazes about 8 minutes to a junction. The white blazes continue east -- don't go this way. This will take you to the col between Dark and its daughter peak (if you reach a fire ring, you've gone too far). Instead, follow the orange blazes to your left. After 2 minutes at a brisk pace, turn right. The orange blazes are faint here but you'll start heading uphill. It's easy to miss, as the trail continues with yellow blazes straight ahead (incidentally, this will take you to the TH on Flint Hill road shown on the map). After the junction, the trail is very well marked, following what passes for a gully in this part of the world. When the trail flattens out, bushwhack to the obvious rocky summit to your left.