New Hanover County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 17, 2007
Authors: Brian Bockhahn and Fred Lobdell

The southern area appears to have been quarried away but this area should be visited by someone with a GPS unit to be absolutely sure of this. The northern area has been developed and it is possible that there is now no area in New Hanover County that rises to the exalted altitude of 75 feet. We stood on the highest ground we found, which was between the sidewalk and the fence of the house near the corner of Addie Road and Waverly.

Take I40 into Wilmington, road becomes 132 continue south. Turn left onto Shipyard Road for a couple miles, then turn left onto 17th street. At 0.2 mile turn right onto Delaney, at 0.5 mile turn right onto Druid Road, then right onto Tattersall which is not on the topo. Take the next left onto Addie Road which seem to cut right through 75-foot contour.