Onslow County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: August 9, 2005
Author: Patrick Craft

I drove south through metro Potters Hill and over to county road 1236. The large area bisected by this road has been logged and it was really hard to make out the highest point. My son and I decided that the hill we stood on was the highest so off we went to the large area north of NC 24.

I drove south to Taylor and Haw Branch roads to NC 24, then west. Just at the county line, I turned left onto Branson Lane, an improved dirt road. About 0.2 mile down, make a left onto Charles Deering Lane (straight ahead is the Whipporwill Campground?). Charles Deering Lane is essentially a sand track (4 wheel drive not necessary but recommended). There are many turning roads, follow your topozone map and compass. When Charles Deering Lane exits the woods into the cut over area, take the first left (heading east) and the top of the rise is the contour for the HP.

As this was my 18th (and hopefully not last) anniversary, I again proclaimed I was at the HP; much to the delight of my wife, 14 year old daughter, and 8 year old son.

A few pearls: During this type of highpointing adventure

1) a teenage child will sit and be glum;
2) a young child will wonder if "we're there yet?";
3) a spouse will just sit, and at times proclaim, "This is the high point, lets go!"
(Remember if your wife says you’re at the HP, she’s right.)