Pender County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: March 2, 2008
Author: Shannon Dillmore

Previous trip reports are good. I investigated an approach from the north but the tracks were heavily posted. The previously-mentioned approach from the southeast is also posted by the Cape Fear Timber Company. Two numbers are given: 910.590.9708 (cell number of the contact person listed I forget the name) and 910.862.8668 (office number). I got no response from either but 0.2 mile into the southeast approach is a cemetery with graves as recent as 2007 with fresh flowers, so I don't think they mind foot traffic. I parked my car at the beginning of the dirt track and walked the two miles to the high point candidates. There I encountered laborers sweeping up pine needles from the forest floor. English was not their first language but they did grant me permission to walk around. I thought the northern point was higher.

A friendly stray dog followed my dog and me back to our car over a 2 mile trip. Round trip is 4.2 miles of very pleasant walking through quiet pine forest. I enjoyed this one.