Perquimans County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: February 22, 1998
Authors: Fred and Paulette Lobdell


There are six areas that are, or should be, surrounded by a 16-meter contour. They are on or near the western border of the county, on or within a half mile of Route 1002, County Line Road. As the nine areas of Chowan County are also near this road, it is recommended that both counties be done on the same trip. We completed these areas from south to north; this results in the reverse order from the map links.


County Line Road (Route 1002) may be accessed from NC 37, about 3 miles northwest of the village of Belvidere. This intersection is also about 4 miles southeast of the intersection of NC 32 with NC 37.


Area 6: Turn north on County Line Road from NC 37. Go about 0.6 mile and park on the right. There will be a large area on your right (east) that is shown as surrounded by a 14-meter contour. This is an error; it should read 16 meters. Walk around in the field until you feel that you've covered the high ground, which is certainly not obvious. Note also that the contour line extends across the road into Chowan County, so if you're doing that county also, you should cross to the west side of the road. (This is the unnumbered area in Chowan County; see the trip report for that county.)

Area 5: Continue north on County Line 5 about 1.5 miles to an intersection with Route 1206. Turn right (southeast) and go about 0.1 mile, parking about midway between the houses on that road. Walk north-northeast across the farm field to the high ground a short distance past the power pole.

Area 4: Return to County Line Road and turn right (north). Go about a quarter of a mile to the north edge of a patch of woods. Walk northeast, paralleling the edge of the woods and a drainage ditch. A short distance after turning half right (due east) the high ground will be on your left. Hop the ditch and walk out into the field to the high ground. This was the only one of the combined 15 areas in Chowan and Perquimans counties that was posted.

Area 1: Continue north on County Line Road about 0.8 mile to the intersection in the hamlet of Joppa. Turn right (east) on Route 1426, which shortly becomes Route 1203 as you pass from Gates County back into Perquimans County. Park near the higher ground on your left (north). Walk out into the field on your right (south). This area describes a quarter circle to the south and back around to the west, crossing County Line Road about a quarter mile south of the intersection in Joppa. The high ground appears to be an east-west trending ridge between two fields. It may well be that wind has eroded the farm fields and that the bounding ridge represents the original ground level. NOTE: The red cross on the map link is misplaced. It is in the area between 14 and 16 meters elevation, whereas it should be further east, in the 16-meter area.

Area 3: Return to your vehicle and walk across the road to the high ground north of the road. The county line is very close here, so you don't need to go more than a few feet off the road.

Area 2: Continue east on Route 1203 another quarter mile. There will be high ground on your left (north). Walk out into the field here.