Polk County High Point Trip Report

Tryon Pk (3,280+ ft)

Date: December 17, 2002
Authors: Trapper Robbins & Roxanne Everett

The access road to this summit is gated and negatively signed at it's junction with gravel Skyuka Mountain Drive. Additionally, there is a house at that junction and a previous COHPer told us that the owner doesn't like people to park there. No one was home when we visited.

We decided to park on Skyuka Mountain Drive well below and south of the access road junction and house. We found a good pull-off in the woods above the Skyuka community and pond (~2800 feet, above where the "1136" road number is shown on the USGS 7.5-minute map). From here, we were able to go cross country through open woods (unposted) and traverse west to intersect the road (~2960 feet). Note that there is a road junction and 2nd gate northeast of the 3080+ foot hill with the tall radio tower on it; again more negative signs here and on both sides of the road; go left (south) at this junction. The road contours south around the 3080+ foot hill, passes two new houses nearing completion, and continues southwest to summit.

Trip statistics: 2 miles round trip with 500 feet of gain.