Richmond County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 2, 1999
Author: Fred Lobdell

There are three areas that are candidates for the Richmond County HP. Two of these are in or near the village of Norman, and the third, recently discovered, is at a cemetery in the western part of the county. The first two are quite flat, and it's difficult to figure out where the true HP is. However, the third is quite distinct. The highest contour on the map is outside the loop road around the small cemetery, and the ground within rises almost a full contour above that. Thus, it would appear that this point is the true HP of Richmond County. There is also a bench mark here, just south of the gravestones.

Taking the last first, from the intersection of US 220 and NC 73 about 1.5 miles north of Ellerbe, go northwest on 73 about 6 miles to Cartledge Creek Rd. [This may be Concord Church Rd.] Turn right (north) and go about 0.4 miles to the driveway into Parsons-Howell Cemetery. [If you read the tombstones you'll see why it's named that.] Turn right and drive up to the loop road around the cemetery. The tombstones and immediately adjacent area seem to be occupying the high ground.

For the other two areas, return to the intersection of US 220 and NC 73 (described above) and turn left (north). Go about 5.5 miles to the village of Norman. Turn left (west) on Teddar Rd. and go about a half mile. Much of the western part of Norman is within the 620-foot contour. Walk into the woods, fields, and whatever back yards you feel you can get away with to cover the territory.

The third area is reached by returning to US 220 and turning left (north) a few hundred feet to the next left turn (Webb Rd.). Go west on Webb Rd. a half mile or so [I'm recalling this one without benefit of map] to where you see a line of pine trees on the left (south) side of the road curving away to the left. These pine trees mark the county line here; walk along them to the highest area. However, I'd be willing to bet a modest sum on the cemetery being the true HP of Richmond County.